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Fuyuno: Withered Moor

Fuyuno - くみこ's icon journal
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W I T H E R E D moor: Welcome to chained_angel13's graphics journal, which is an online, 'sporadically-updated' repository of icons (mostly Asian entertainment), brushes, textures and hopefully, layouts. As of now, this community is closed membership since I haven't made a firm decision on whether or not I should make fuyuno members only.

R U L E S: My rules are actually quite simple, ne~ and not to mention I'm not very strict. If you take anything, I'd feel terribly loved if you comment; through your comments I feel so motivated and relieved that people appreciate my work (although icon-making earns me loads of harsh words from my parents XD). Credit is not needed but most definitely appreciated. Why am I not forcing for someone to credit me? Because srsly, this is the internet, there are people out there who won't even if you threaten to kill them. ;__; Leechers scare me. If you're planning to use my icons outside LJ, please be sensible enough to upload it somewhere else, as I don't want to see a bandwidth exceeded sign replacing my icons. Anyhow, feel free to copy the link of my icons when you're using the "from url" thingy.

current I N T E R E S T S: (This is just a background info to what I like, because unless I am interested in a certain fandom, my icon-ing muse will be in the far far away land. But I can always adjust this attitude of mine.) In general, Asian Entertainment. Johnny's Entertainment: NewS, Arashi, Ikuta Toma. Jdorama: Nodame Cantabile, Hachikuro Kdramas.
Cpop: Fahrenheit, S.H.E. (Other) Asian Artists: Ueno Juri, Horikita Maki, Aoi Yuu, Nagasawa Masami, Tamaki Hiroshi, Hiraoka Yuuta, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Mukai Osamu. Animanga: Special A, Gakuen Alice, Bleach, Naruto