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Credits and Resources

Brushes and Textures Screencaps, Bases and Scans
inxsomniax (hybrid-genesis) // dearest // arisubox // eightyfour__ // colorfilter // 77words // unmasked_icons // iconlove__ // ianthinae // hanako_lovely // _gnarkill // luminicity // asya_17 // ownthesunshine // samuraiblues @ jounins // amethystia // ewanism // lookslikerain // ashke_icons // bombayicons // colortone // kaien_kun // big_rock_show //meleada // awmpdotnet // xgraphicjunkie / soaked // fuzzy // weapon_icons // silverge / icontemplation // _hakanaidreams // _promenadeicons // blimey_icons // signal_smoke // daisukicons // fearher // cenedrawood // urbanstrokes // token_icons // 9thaquilo // firaga // iiokua // cdg // pildas // loveicon // eveningwalk // trivialaffairs // dusty_memories // telltale // carouselcues // girlboheme // indienotebook // springfly // seriouslywir // pale_septembre // erniemay // toybirds // lifeisdolce // bleedblack_rsc // misarte // yunhe // ohfreckle

Moargh.de Seishido Vanilla Dreams Melemel JavierZHX FEEL Resources

papermoon_icons for some manga icon bases
whiteplums manga bases
pookage manga bases
mizugazipan nana icon bases
xnoangelx bases
dinadorama Nobuta wo Produce, Goong & My Girl screencaps
basedon bases
fairylandicons TRC manga bases
bittersweet_bun various JDorama screencaps
moogledaime for Kkot Boda Namja screencaps
mayleann YamaTaro episodes 1&2 and Rainbow Song screencaps
boys_paper, winkychan & Vendy-san, boku_nari_no, wingist6, lady_mercury for JE scans

Anime Visions Aethereality Gallery Veritaserum Clow Legacy FRoP Soompi

Updated as of 28 May 2008

This credits page is only for the graphics I've made for THIS icon community. I have a separate credits page for the icons I have posted back in my personal journal, which you can find here.

...If you think that you are supposed to be here, then kindly drop a comment in this post and inform me so. Thank you!
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