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Icon Post #011 + Taking requests!

YAY! An update from me, although I didn't expect myself to make icons of this amount. (Still have around 25ish icons that I have left in my desktop computer, which I am saving until my next icon post.)

Hum~ I'm taking icon requests this summer. See LJ-cut for details.

30 x Animanga: Naruto (up to chapter 408)
5 x Animanga: Vampire Knight
12 x NewS + 1 wallpaper
25 x Asian Female Artists
24 x Kdrama: Hong Gil Dong

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Textures #009-#012

Well to be honest I planned to update with icons before spring break ends but gah, my muse is nowhere to be found. First and second sets were cropped and butchered in PSCS3 from a watchamacallit art I made in celebration of my undying devotion towards procrastination. Hoping you'll enjoy using them. :D

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You know the drill: comment, credit is not needed but is appreciated, do not redistribute.

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Icon Post #010

I feel so gutted; I haven't been so coughcreativecough with this batch, compared to my previous ones. Some of these icons have been made months ago, weeks ago and hours ago. I finally had the chance to post these because I am under the influence of chicken pox, which simply means I'm just at home. Iconing, especially manga coloring, seems to be a foreign activity to me lately. ^__^;

11 Ouran High School Host Club
14 NewS
2 Ikuta Toma
35 [Kdrama] Bad Love
39 Asian Female Artists
2 Profile layouts feat. Yamashita Tomohisa

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Brush Set #010 + Texture Sets #007, #008

Yes, I'm alive and I promised myself that I won't neglect this journal anymore unless real life decides to become a hyperventilating biatch. Thank you to all those people who have supported me all the way through!

Ahh yes, I missed making polaroid brushes.

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Comment. Credit is not needed but is appreciated. Do not redistribute.


P.S. fuyuno has a new layout, finally, after a bazillion years.
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Icon Post #006

EDIT: Sorry about the friends-locked thingy. I forgot to switch it back to 'public' right after I've finished uploading everything. .__. My mistake.

It's been ages since I last made an icon post and I apologize for that. ^^

18 Hachikuro
6 Nodame Cantabile (Live-action drama)
7 My Girl (kdrama)
9 Naruto (Shippuden)
8 Bleach (spoilers)
+ 1 Nodame Cantabile Header


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